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Furniture Removal Tips for Office Moves
Author:   Posted: 31 October 2012



Preparing for the big day is extremely important. Obviously everyone’s goal is to move as smoothly and quickly as possible. You can help by preparing and packing in advance. When moving office, it is not the time to be sentimental and move years’ worth of paperwork. If you know you won’t need it in the future, get rid of it. Ask your employees to pack their own stationary and personal items. It will take a big load of the moving company, and it is a great way of getting everyone involved and excited.

Internet & Telephone Lines

Remember to inform all utility companies that you are moving. Inform your internet service provider, telephone company, municipality and bank of the move and provide them with the new address well in advance.

Mark the boxes

It is very important to mark the boxes clearly and correctly. Write what is inside the box and whether it is fragile or very heavy. It will tell the movers how to handle the box and where it should go in the moving vehicle. To help speed things up you can write where it should go in the new office building on the box. Remember to always use a black permanent marker.


You can choose who should pack the office – the removal company or your company. It you choose to do the packing yourself, do not be stingy with packaging! Buy enough boxes, tape, bubble wrap and polystyrene filling to protect your equipment.

Do not overload the boxes and tape the bottom of the box for extra support and strength. Fill the extra space with packaging filling to prevent movement and damaging of your goods. Make a list of everything that goes into the box so you will know where to find it once you are in your new offices. Remember to number each box and to have an extra copy of the content lists.

Computers & Electronics

Take extra care when packing up your computer. In today’s era, a computer is one of the most valuable assets and you need to handle it with care. Before you move the computers, backup the data (either on a DVD, external hard drive or USB flash drive) and keep it in a safe place.
If your employees are particular about their mouse or keyboard, let them label it and store all the extras (mouse, keyboard, cables) together. When you remove the cables, tie it up so you won’t have to untangle it later on.
Keep the monitor and computer in an upright position when in transit. Always pack the computers and desks last, because then it will be unloaded first and you can start organizing your new office layout.

Large & Heavy Items

When moving large items rather use a trolley, it reduces the risk of someone falling or hurting their backs. Make sure the path to the door is clear to prevent someone tripping over a box or cable lying around.



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